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Homeworking assessment & returning to offices

In this post we look at: How longer-term planning introduces the need for more thorough homeworking DSE assessments Providing equipment that is needed for comfortable home working (but balancing that against equipment needs in the office) We also discuss the need for a COVID-19 risk assessment for returning to the workplace. The speed of [...]

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Ergonomics guidance on home working

Guidance on setting up comfortably when working at home For a lot of people, the short notice before starting to work from home meant that they and their employers did not have time to make optimal arrangements, or budget for equipment. In recognition of this we have put together practical guidance on setting up [...]

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Laptop stands – Our shortlist

With a lot of people suddenly working from home, the laptop stand has never been a more useful and important piece of kit to help us work comfortably. There are a vast number of different laptop stands out there in the marketplace. You could spend your life scrolling through options on Amazon! Most of [...]

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Our Continuing Consultancy Services During Lockdown

Like many freelancers, the Ergonomics consultants of the world are in many cases are finding that work has changed. A lot of the work we do (or did, and will do again in due course!) involves face-to-face visits and meetings, spending time on site observing people and discussing their work. Often we meet tens [...]

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Advice on homeworking – practice and policy

Suddenly a lot of people are working at home! Understandably companies are looking to reduce spread of Coronavirus by asking staff to work from home, or giving them the option to. There has been a lot of guidance put out from a range of sources advising on how to work comfortably. Our own short [...]

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Helping you stand and work more comfortably

The wonderful world of wobbling Sit-stand desks are a great way of maintaining energy levels, concentration and comfort – providing they are used sensibly! Standing to work is not a great cure-all though – as anyone will tell you who’s had no option but to stand all day! The main benefit comes from regularly [...]

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Sustainable ergonomics

A path from ergonomics' usual areas - into links to sustainability Performance and wellbeing are cornerstones of a forward-looking modern workplace. To optimise these, a focus on workplace ergonomics is essential. From software usability, through to reducing strain in manual handling tasks, ergonomic principles help people achieve the best they can as safely as [...]

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Ergonomics Research Review

Ergonomics research is constantly finding new and useful information, but often this doesn't filter through to those of us who practice applied ergonomics and health and safety. With the volumes of research and the amount of guidance already out there, there is a risk that these important findings and messages are not adopted into [...]

Open course – 1-day Introduction to Ergonomics and Human Factors

27 November 2018 - Guildford We will be delivering our CIEHF-accredited '1-day Introduction to Ergonomics and Human Factors' course on 27 November in Guildford. This session is open for any individual to attend (either sponsored by your employer or self-funded). An open course is a great opportunity to network and meet new people who [...]

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Mind the gap

Plonking ourselves down We are plonkers – most of us. We plonk ourselves down in chairs and don’t think too much about whether we need to make adjustments or whether the chair suits our body dimensions. One aspect of chair use that in my experience people are often less familiar with, and possibly don’t [...]

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