DSE Assessments and office ergonomics

Computer workstations and equipment can be optimised to ensure better focus, concentration and productivity. Setting up correctly and choosing the right equipment is vital to user comfort.

We provide DSE assessment services; face-to-face or online / by phone. Our advice on equipment selection is based on our experience and the latest available guidance. During assessments we advise on set-up to ensure comfort and user satisfaction.

DSE Assessments and Mobile Working Assessments – online or face-to-face

Good computer workstation assessments (DSE or Display Screen Equipment Assessments) are key to maximising employee productivity, ensuring health and well being, and complying with legal health and safety requirements.

Assessments that are matched to your needs

Standard – We provide a standard computer workstation assessment to comply with legal requirements, make all necessary adjustments, and advise on additional adjustments required.

Advanced – We also provide a more in-depth DSE assessment service for people with specific issues of complaints that need resolving, or early indications of musculoskeletal discomfort.

Remote and home workers – We carry out DSE assessments for offices and workplaces, but also for home workers.

Online DSE Assessment

We provide a quick and straightfoward online DSE assessment service that you can use whether you are doing a self-assessment or if you are doing an assessment for someone else. This service can be accessed directly from our website – no account set-ups or complicated agreements are necessary. Click the button below for more details.

More information on our online DSE assessments

DSE Training and advice

During our assessments we provide suitably pitched advice to users, to allow them to make adjustments and monitor their own working arrangements. Our training informs users about their duties as employees, and your role as their employer. We provide guidance on taking rest breaks, and useful exercises and stretches to ease muscles and joints.

Length of assessments

Our standard assessments take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Specialist DSE assessments can take up to 1 hour. We make all the  adjustments we are able to during the assessment (if adjustments are needed).

What to expect following an assessment

You receive an assessment report for each employee that sets out our findings, prioritised recommendations to address any identified issues and advice on the next steps – e.g. possible replacement input devices (mice etc.), desks and seating, issues to watch out for. When we assess whole offices or teams, we provide an overview report that summarises the recommendations for quick reference.

We are independent of all equipment suppliers and manufacturers so we will only recommend replacement or new equipment if it is necessary and  benefits your employees. Our ergonomics advice helps to ensure that suitable equipment or furniture is purchased.

Benefits you can expect include reduced absenteeism, increased worker motivation, productivity, and engagement; and reduced / eliminated legal costs from compensation claims or regulators legal actions.

Mobile DSE and mobile working – ergonomics assessments for tablets, smartphones and laptops

Mobile working is on the rise. Where employees are expected to do DSE work on tablets, smartphones and laptops outside of their usual office, it is just as important to assess the musculoskeletal risk and look for ways to control and reduce it. Long periods of use or frequent use – often in awkward static postures – can lead to musculoskeletal problems.

 We provide online mobile working risk assessments to identify key risks in the ways your employees are working, and ways to avoid or reduce them. These are provided through our sister company – Mobile Office Ltd.

Mobile Office is a consultancy which Ed and his ex-HSE colleague Sarah Tapley set up, specifically to help businesses manage the musculoskeletal risks from mobile working. For more information visit us at www.mobileoffice.guru.