Not sure if you need help or where to start?

If you are not sure whether you need ergonomics support or whether you and your employees are exposed to ergonomics risks, we can carry out a preliminary audit of your operations.

Our audit gives you a summary of the range of key ergonomic risks that you should be thinking about to protect your business and your staff. This will help your business to start the process of actively managing – or building on existing management of – ergonomics issues.

Managing ergonomics risks in your workplace will create natural ‘wins’ and advantages for your business. Reducing ergonomics and human factors risks will normally go hand-in-hand with streamlining and improvements in your work processes, as well as improvements in health and safety of your workforce.

What our audit includes

We carry out initial risk filtering and give you advice on:

  • Manual handling activities
  • Repetitive work / upper limb tasks
  • DSE standards in your workplace
  • Behavioural safety issues (tasks which rely on safe and reliable behaviours by staff)
  • Slips and trips issues
  • Work at height issues
  • Lighting and noise

Our audit gives you a valuable and practical overview so that you can focus your efforts where it really matters.

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