Like many freelancers, the Ergonomics consultants of the world are in many cases are finding that work has changed. A lot of the work we do (or did, and will do again in due course!) involves face-to-face visits and meetings, spending time on site observing people and discussing their work. Often we meet tens of people during site visits so it is vital that for the time-being we change the way we do things.

This will hopefully be temporary and not last longer than a few months, but even during that time we can carry on helping our clients.

Services we can still provide remotely:

Short duration DSE advice / video calls with staff members:

We offer an on-call advice service for any staff members who are particularly struggling with their work set up at home. This is based on 15 minute cost intervals pro-rata. The HSE has already made it clear that they do not expect employers to carry out full homeworking DSE assessments. Our advice service is quick and simple – we will discuss the issues with your staff member and email you advice and any recommendations for changes and equipment. Our suppliers are still providing kit as usual so there should be no problems getting the right kit to your staff.

Detailed Home DSE Assessments via video link:

If necessary we can carry out a full DSE assessment via Skype / Facetime. At the present time we only recommend this in situations where the staff member is having particularly complex or severe issues. We will provide a full report with recommendations.

Management System Reviews:

We can carry out desktop reviews of ergonomics management systems – e.g. DSE, or manual handling / musculoskeletal issues. We will review any documentation that you send us such as policies, assessment forms and templates, training material, and we will carry out a gap analysis based on best practice and legal duties.

Online Training:

We provide online training in the following:

DSE Assessment – Training to enable delegates to carry out face-to-face assessments

Use of the HSE Musculoskeletal Risk Assessment Tools – ART, MAC, RAPP. This training will also cover the key musculoskeletal risk factors and principles.

Let us know if you think any of these would be helpful for you. Also if you have any other ideas for helping with tasks / projects please do get in touch! We are all working physically apart but we can stay connected and work together.

Stay safe and all the best!