Guidance on setting up comfortably when working at home

For a lot of people, the short notice before starting to work from home meant that they and their employers did not have time to make optimal arrangements, or budget for equipment.

In recognition of this we have put together practical guidance on setting up comfortably. Our guidance explains how to set up in a range of scenarios – including situations where there is no scope for using a table and chair. The guidance designed for staff and managers; it provides practical tips and sets helpful benchmarks that staff can be assessed against.

Advice on:

  • Working at a kitchen / dining table and using a dining chair or similar
  • Working on the sofa or an easy chair
  • Ad-hoc standing to work
  • Rest breaks and keeping moving

Click here to download pdf guidance document

Video guidance and training

Sometimes a video is a good way to get messages across. We have produced a video which talks through the points in the guidance document – staff may find it useful to watch the video and see the explanations and additional details. The video can be seen as a training resource and it can be accessed free at the YouTube link below:

Click here to play video

Home working assessments

HSE has said that there is no requirement to do DSE assessments for temporary home working, unless there are specific issues such as pre-existing injuries or needs. However we have found that a number of our clients want to do some form of assessment – to gather information about how staff are working, and what their needs are. In view of this we are providing online temporary home worker assessments. If you are interested in accessing these, or if you have any questions at all about ergonomics and home working please get in touch with us.

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