Workplace lighting assessments

Workplace lighting has a significant impact on a wide range of issues, from work and product quality, through to general employee wellbeing. Getting lighting right for the tasks and the people doing them is a vital part of workplace management.

Our survey and assessment service compares your lighting arrangements with well established standards, enabling you to optimise and make changes based on a clear understanding of the issues.

Lighting assessments

Guildford Ergonomics carries out cost-effective lighting surveys for indoor and outdoor working environments.

Effective and adequate lighting is vital to a safe and healthy working environment. Poor workplace lighting can lead to a number of problems:

  • Eye-strain, headaches leading to sickness absence
  • Poor posture, potentially contributing to musculoskeletal problems
  • Loss of productivity and reduced work quality
  • Safety issues (trips, falls, collisions)

What you can expect

Our survey reports set out our findings and prioritized recommendations for any issues identified.

We also carry out a qualitative assessment of glare issues, colour temperature (visual warmth of light) and colour rendering (how well colours can be seen using the light available).

Lighting surveys can range from being relatively quick and straightforward to more complex. We are happy to discuss assessments of any size and we can tailor our quote to fit your needs and your budget.

What we do

Our lighting audits assess against the current BS ISO standards and CIBSE/SLL guidance. The key standards applied are BS ISO 12464 Light and Lighting. Lighting of work places. Indoor workplaces and Outdoor workplaces.

We apply a grid based measurement system and provide an assessment report which details the following against recommended levels:

  • Maintained Illuminance (Ēm)
  • Illuminance Uniformity (Uo)
  • Illuminance Diversity
  • Average Wall Illuminance (for indoor workplaces)

Get a quote or find out more

We are always happy to hear from you. If you think you might need a lighting assessment please get in touch, we are happy to look at helping with anything from resolving minor local issues, to site-wide surveys.

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