Ergonomics and risk management training

Training employees and management on ergonomics issues is an important long-term part of a safety management system. It increases worker engagement, trust in management and delivers continual ongoing financial returns.

Guildford Ergonomics provides training in Manual Handling Risk Assessment, Upper Limb Risk Assessment, and DSE / Computer workstation assessment (including use of mobile technology in an agile working environment). Bespoke sessions on Human Factors and Just Culture are also available.

Ed has a Level 3 Award in Education and Training (City & Guilds – course formerly known as PTLLS) and has delivered ergonomics training sessions for a range of audiences from regulators, to clients / duty holders and trade associations. Our training is designed to be practical, engaging and interesting and it involves activities and interactive sessions to suit all abilities and learning styles.

Our key courses

Musculoskeletal Risk Assessment

  • Physiology of risk – human vulnerabilities, types of injury
  • Risk factors – the broad range of factors determining risk
  • Assessment methods – training in use of key tools such as MAC, ART, QEC, RAPP
  • The law – UK regulations, reasonable practicability, L23 and HSG60
  • Work aids and interventions – examples, how to introduce and set-up
  • Work planning – task rotation, rest breaks, return to work
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises

Anyone with responsibility for managing musculoskeletal risks and recording risk assessments – for example Safety Mangers, Line Supervisors, Team Safety Reps.

This is a one-day course – precise start and finish timings are moveable. Total training time is 7 hours or by agreement with client.

We can provide training at clients’ own facilities. Alternatively we can arrange for suitable training venues in key locations throughout the UK.

DSE / Computer Workstation Assessment

  • Introduction to Ergonomics
  • Risk factors in computer work – why people develop pain
  • Key issues to look out for – common problems encountered
  • Legal basis for action – the law and accompanying guidance
  • How to carry out an assessment – completing the form, and underpinning management processes
  • How to review self-assessments
  • Recommending equipment and changes – selection of new equipment based on issues identified
  • Mobile device use / agile working and ergonomics – risk factors and how to address them

This course is for anyone who has responsibilities for carrying out or reviewing DSE / computer workstation assessments. It can also be tailored into a training course for staff who have to do self-assessments.

This is a one-day course. Duration approximately 7 hours total training with suitable comfort breaks and lunch by agreement with delegates. Start time and finish times moveable depending on client requirements.

We can provide this training at clients’ own premises. Alternatively we can arrange for suitable training venues throughout the UK.

Feedback from recent DSE user training – 1.5hr session:

“I’ve sat through a number of DSE lectures in the past but this was by far the best.”

“This was presented really well. A usually dry and dull subject kept the group interested thanks to interesting slides and the delivery of the man presenting.”

“In all my years of working and mandatory training on this subject, no one has ever explained this as well as today’s session! Excellent.”

1-day Introduction to Ergonomics & Human Factors

This unique 1-day introduction course provides a detailed overview of the discipline, from design ergonomics and usability, through musculoskeletal ergonomics to Human Factors techniques. A significant amount of information is covered, giving attendees increased awareness and understanding of how ergonomics and human factors applies to their workplace.

The course includes a range of materials, theory and practical sessions.

This one-day course has been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and is certified. Attendees all receive certification to go towards their CPD.

This course is designed to help attendees gain the broad understanding of ergonomics and human factors, which is required for successful application for Technical Membership of the CIEHF.

However the course is useful for anyone with an interest in ergonomics and human factors who works in the health and safety sector e.g. Safety Mangers, Line Managers and Supervisors, Risk Assessors.

This is a one-day course – total learning time is 7.5 hours, divided up by breaks as agreed with delegates. Starting time can be adjusted by agreement.

We can provide this course at clients’ own premises. Alternatively we can arrange suitable training venues throughout the UK.

We tailor our training to fit your needs, rather than delivering a one-size-fits all package – please get in touch to discuss your training needs and how we can help.