Online DSE assessments and user training

A properly set-up desk or workstation is a vital part of maintaining wellbeing at work. Good quality DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments are an essential tool for achieving this.

We provide a service that’s something a bit different. An online DSE computer workstation assessment with no sign up, no account or retainer needed. It’s a simple pay-as-you-use facility (£20 per assessment incl. VAT). One click and you are straight into the online assessment. It genuinely couldn’t be more straightforward! This simplicity applies to use by both individuals and corporate clients.

Online but with a personal service

Although our DSE assessment is completed online, once you have done the assessment, we check your responses and generate your assessment report manually before it gets sent to you. So it’s not all just done by a computer; you get the benefit of a qualified ergonomist checking your assessment, making recommendations and providing advice.

Who is this online DSE service aimed at?

This system is designed to be ideal for small to medium sized employers, or larger employers by special arrangement. The assessment is a self-assessment, but it can also be used by an assessor for recording information.

We set this service up because there are all kinds of reasons why someone might want to just ‘hop on’ and do our pay-as-you go assessment.

  • To avoid sign-up fees and accounts etc.
  • To quickly assess new employees or changes in circumstances
  • To benefit from the self-assessment report being reviewed by ourselves – a qualified independent third party
  • As a low-cost second assessment for home-workers
  • To get quick and clear guidance on how to improve your desk arrangements

What if I want to arrange assessments for my team or company?

We set up unique assessments for clients who contact us for this service. This gives your staff access to an assessment that we can customise for you if needed. For example we can include:

  • Company logos and colours
  • Details of your office’s specific chair adjustments and controls
  • Desk controls (for sit-stand desks)
  • Sit-stand guidance and information as part of the assessment
  • Assessment of mobile / remote and agile working issues
  • Company-specific policy details such as for eye-test provision

If requested to, we can also keep track of who has completed their assessments, and provide a summary report of recommendations / equipment that might be needed etc. If you are interested in any of these options then please get in touch.

The best way of doing the assessment

Assessments are best completed in a desktop browser, although you can do them on a smartphone or tablet if you decide to. The assessment only takes a short time but it does need to be completed in one go. Our data shows that that assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Just a one-off assessment? – simply click on the button below to start your DSE assessment!

Click the button and you are straight into your assessment.

You can even do the whole assessment and then, if you decide actually you don’t want to go ahead and order the report, you can just close the browser screen to exit at the end. It really is as simple as that. If you do want to order your report, the cost is £20 plus VAT payable at the end of the assessment or at a later date.

Are you coming back to make a payment?

If you have already submitted your assessment but didn’t make your payment at the end, don’t worry, we still have your assessment information stored safely. Click on the button below to submit payment.

Secure card payment can be made via Stripe. You will be sent a receipt once payment is received and processed.

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FAQs – If you don’t find the information you are looking for here, please get in touch

Will this make me legally compliant?

Doing a suitable and sufficient DSE assessment is a key part of the risk management that needs to be carried out. Employers also need to provide safe and suitable equipment, training for users to use equipment safely and control the risks, and inform users what is being done to manage the risks. Our assessment provides training as the user completes it. This means that by using our online assessment, your assessment and training legal duties are covered.

How much does it cost?

Cost per assessment is currently £20 +VAT.

Corporate clients also have the option to pay for additional customisation and completion / recommendation tracking by arrangement. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

How do I pay?

Just you? You can either pay at the end of the assessment by card before you submit your answers, or you can just submit the answers and pay at a later stage via the button above. We will email your report out to you once we receive payment.

Corporate clients: Our standard arrangement is to agree a time frame for staff to complete their online assessments, and we will invoice at the end of that period. For permanent / ongoing arrangements, we usually invoice on a monthly, or six-monthly basis depending on volumes.

Can I try it out / see what it looks like?

Sure, you can just click on the button to go to the assessment, you can go through the whole process and if you decide you don’t want a report, you can just either not click submit at the end, or just don’t make a payment.

How long does it take?

Our data shows that the average completion time is approximately 18 to 20 minutes.

Can the assessment be customised?

Absolutely! We can customise the assessment for you rapidly, at short notice and subject to an additional fee (fee will depend on the scale of the customisation – minor changes will be carried out free of charge). This could be especially useful for employers who want to use the assessment as an opportunity to record of certain aspects of peoples’ work and equipment etc. We expect this service is more likely to be used as part of a larger employer account arrangement, but we are happy to discuss any customising needs big or small.

What if I / we need additional help – e.g. choosing a new chair?

We are happy to help with any more complex issues, or if for example you have identified that new equipment may be needed but you’re not sure what to choose. We work with select equipment providers to make sure you get exactly the equipment you need. For more complex issues or costly equipment we recommend following up the online assessment with a phone interview with your staff member, or possibly a face-to-face assessment. We would discuss this with you.

Contact us if you have any other questions.

Who receives the report(s)?

Corporate clients: We send reports directly and solely to whoever is managing the roll-out process e.g. usually HR contact or Facilities contact. We do not send reports to staff members unless specifically requested to do so by our client’s HR contact / Facilities contact.